The roads proving to be deadliest in Queensland

MORE people are dying on North Queensland roads compared to elsewhere in the state.

Horrific statistics show 30 people have died on northern roads so far this year.

Such devastating crashes included the one on the Bruce Highway south of Cardwell which killed Gemma Cosgrave, 37, and partner Steven Arthur, 34, in June - orphaning their children.

Tom Breen, 19, Braydan Carter-Mathews, 18, Ryan Beckman, 19, and Shawn Woods, 18, were killed in another horror crash which left family and friends devastated.

The increased number of fatalities in the north prompted a warning by Transport Minister Mark Bailey, who urged motorists to be safe.

"Families and friends suffer terribly, and the first responders who investigate these terrible crashes are left deal with the trauma caused by these incidents," he said.

"Unfortunately, if you look around the state right now, it's those families and emergency workers in Townsville, Mount Isa and Far North region who have shouldered more of that burden this year."

Emergency services at the crash which killed Gemma Cosgrave, 37, and partner Steven Arthur, 34. Picture: CAMERON BATES
Emergency services at the crash which killed Gemma Cosgrave, 37, and partner Steven Arthur, 34. Picture: CAMERON BATES

Mr Bailey said the major works were ongoing on the Bruce Highway to improve road safety.

Projects around Townsville include the duplication of the highway from Veales Rd to Greenvale St, construction of a higher level bridge over the Haughton River and increasing the flood resilience of the Burdekin River Bridge.

Planning has also started for Townville Ring Road Stage 5 - $180 million jointly funded upgrade.

"This year's road safety budget also increased by $205 million to more than $900 million over four years to improve safety on roads that record the highest number of fatalities and crashes," Mr Bailey said.

"Record roads funding doesn't necessarily change poor choices by drivers though, which are too often the cause of crashes.

"It is up to all of us to respect each other on the roads every time and avoid taking risks."

As of July 26, 115 people had been killed on Queensland roads.

Burdekin MP Dale Last called for a review of the Bruce Highway following a crash south of Townsville which killed Bowen man Gregory Cedelland.

Mr Last said he met with the Depart of Transport and Main Roads on Friday.

"They are undertaking that review and planning a round of whole safety road upgrades," Mr Last said.

"When you look at the road accident history, especially south of Townsville there needs to be a reprioritisation of funds."

Mr Last said it was important TMR addressed road issues from Townsville to Mount Elliot.

"They need to take into account growing traffic volumes. It's obviously a high growth area, south of Townsville. We need some urgent works done."

Mr Bailey said speeding, distraction, alcohol and drugs, fatigue and not wearing a seatbelt continued to be a major cause of deaths on roads.

"If you don't wear a seatbelt or reach for the phone to send a quick text or check social media then your risk of injury or death is much higher than safer drivers," Mr Bailey said.

"It's those risky decisions that mean the difference between life or death, and they need to stop."