Mooloolaba Beach Bums hit the water.
Mooloolaba Beach Bums hit the water. Contributed

The positive life of these Mooloolaba beach bums

THE Mooloolaba Beach Bums is the group to whom Tony Sullivan gravitated as he battles with the cancer doctors have told him has delivered a death sentence.

According to Bob Lane, he couldn't have found himself in a more upbeat and positive group.

The hypnosis therapist says the "Bums" are a loose-knit group, mostly senior in age but with a few youngsters among them, who go for a swim in the bay at Mooloolaba from the lifeguard tower to the rock wall every morning at 6.30am during the week and at 7am on weekends every day of the year.

"It's one of the most positive groups I have been involved with," Mr Lane said.

"There are more of them with surgical scars rather than tattoos, those that have battled cancer say they have conquered it rather than survived it and titanium has replaced knees, hips and shoulders. I would hate to see what would happen with a metal detector around.

"One bloke has two hips, two knees and shoulder made from titanium. He's told his kids when he goes, he wants them converted to a mobile for the grandchildren.

"When their times come, all want to do it doing something not just wasting away."

Mr Lane said Tony was exceptionally positive in the approach he had taken to his battle.

"There's no way cancer is going to get him," he said. "Modern medicine is a wonderful thing but there's a lot in life that's up to yourself."

As a result of hypnosis, Tony now visualised his white blood cells as Great White Sharks which he meditates on attacking the cancer while he's undergoing chemotherapy. Doctors have found his white blood cells are increasing.