Police reveal hooning hotspots in Ipswich.
Police reveal hooning hotspots in Ipswich. Mike Knott BUN230118HOONS4

The Ipswich suburbs targeted by organised hooning groups

SWANBANK, Carole Park, Mutdapilly and Karana Downs have been identified as Ipswich's hooning hotspots by police.

Residents of West Ipswich have also raised concerns around reckless driving in the Karalee area.

But, the organised hooning groups don't discriminate, moving to new locations once their previous areas have received attention from police.

Officer in Charge of the Ipswich Road Policing Unit Senior Sergeant Troy Hamilton said no tolerance or sympathy would be given to those who take part.

"There's been a bit of an increase with certain activities by a particular hoon club, they receive a little bit of attention and then become very transient," he said.

"Ipswich has the advantage of if they want to race their cars, they've got the drag strip out there at Willowbank. They've got a full motor precinct.

"What we do ask is that they use these facilities that are provided to vent their frustration of whatever it may be, in a controlled environment.

"Don't do it on a public road network where they can get injured or more importantly injure and traumatise the general public.

"We recognise there is a significant difference between car enthusiasts and those that wish to participate and promote anti social driving behaviours."

Penalties for hooning can vary depending on the offence.

Driving in a way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke carries a maximum fine of $2669.

More serious offences, such as careless driving or street racing carries a maximum penalty of $5338 or six months in jail.

"Anyone caught engaging in it, don't ask for sympathy, because it won't be shown."

Residents concerned about dangerous driving in their area should report the matter to police either online or through the Hoon Hotline on 13HOON (13 4666).

"What we ask is that number one, don't endanger their own safety," Snr Sgt Hamilton said.

"To assist police we need some identification of the offending vehicles, so that follow up investigations can be conducted."