SHIP SHAPE: Jessica Stirling, of IGA Marketplace, Maroochydore, weighs up the old and new in Arnott's barbecue Shapes.
SHIP SHAPE: Jessica Stirling, of IGA Marketplace, Maroochydore, weighs up the old and new in Arnott's barbecue Shapes. John McCutcheon

The high prices to be paid for Arnott's Shapes biscuits

IF PEOPLE thought Arnott's was mad for tampering with the flavours of its popular Shapes biscuits, they did not anticipate what would happen next.

Boxes of original flavour Arnott's Shapes are for sale for three and four figure sums on eBay as entrepreneurial pantry hoarders look to cash in on feelings of nostalgia for the tasty snacks after the biscuit company controversially tampered with its flavours earlier this year.

The most expensive box of original flavour 175g barbecue Shapes online as of publication was for sale for $1000 although another was on the market for $800.

Cheaper were original pizza Shapes were cheaper at $10 a box and cheddar Shapes at two for $25, but still far above the $2 or $3 they would have sold for on the supermarket shelves.

But those thinking of lashing out to buy a box of original Shapes online for old time's sake could be paying too much.

The assistant manager at one Coast supermarket was surprised to hear how much the biscuits were selling for online considering Arnott's still makes original barbecue and chicken crimpy flavoured shapes.

"We stock both. There's original barbecue and 'new and improved'," he said.

Antique dealer Veronica Reynolds, of Buderim Antiques and Flash Trash, was also shocked at the prices being asked for packets of original Shapes.

"I've been doing this for 42 years and I've talked to other people who have been doing it for 52 years and we can't believe it," she said.

Mrs Reynolds said she did not think Shapes were a worthy investment for collectors.

"If you know anything about biscuits, they would be powdery within a year or two, maybe three years," she said.

Mrs Reynolds said it was one thing for old tins of biscuits to be worth a bit of money "but this is just packets of cellophane".

She said buyers should treat internet prices with caution because sellers were often "trying it on" with over the top prices.

Shapes fan Nat Roche, of Point Arkwright, could not put a price on the biscuits but has instead offered a deal to swap a Playstation 4 game, Watch Dogs, for a 175g packet of original barbecue Shapes.

"With each new moon that passes through our skies, I feel myself get a little weaker," Nat said.

If successful, Nat plans a pilgrimage to the the top of Mount Coolum to feast from "the eternal life-granting green packaging".

Nat said the trade "bears testament to my undying and unequivocal love of the savoury treat".