Find something special to enjoy about each week day.
Find something special to enjoy about each week day. RapidEye

The days of our lives

FOLKS, Saturday is, without a doubt, the best day of the week. Obviously farmore popular than Tuesday will ever be.

Which may explain why there aren't many songs about Tuesday. (Note: because I'm not a journalist, I checked to make sure this statement was accurate, so I Googled songs with Tuesday in them and was surprised to see how many there were. But let the record show, there are far more songs about Saturday, so put down your quills.)

Ah, Saturday. The freedom! The possibilities! The chance to rest, read, play, go camping, party, clean out the shed, picnic, mow the lawn, fish, shop, surf or surf the net, run around after the kids or plop in front of the TV for a movie marathon.

Small wonder that when I was a young apprentice I often expressed my frustration at how long it took for weekends to roll around.

An old tradesman laughed and said, "You're wishing your life away lad. You get seven days to enjoy each week, don't waste five of them counting down to the weekend.”

Unfortunately, his wisdom was countered by another tradie, Mr Moany, who could have complained for Australia at an Olympic level: "Yeah, besides,” he whined, "Friday's two days closer to Monday.”

I discovered the only thing that made Mr Moany happy was making others miserable. So thanks to his outlook, I started pining for Saturday nights - Gold Lotto draw.

With that cool million in my hip pocket, every day of the week would be a Saturday. Just like it is for the idle rich, trophy spouses, celebrities, mobsters, hipsters, stoners, professional students and other full-time moochers.

Whereas, for the long-term unemployed, hospital patients, poor retirees and prisoners, every day must feel like one of the lesser fun days of the week.

Well, I still haven't won Lotto but I have learned to find something special to enjoy about each week day. Yes, even Tuesdays.