The 'heinous' and disturbing Fraser Coast abuse and bestiality case left a judge and prosecutor disgusted.
The 'heinous' and disturbing Fraser Coast abuse and bestiality case left a judge and prosecutor disgusted. File

'The dark side': Businessman filmed sickening abuse

AN EVIL businessman made a child he molested carve his initials into her skin and recorded sex acts involving a dog.

The high-profile Fraser Coast man, 63, pleaded guilty to bestiality, multiple sex offences against children, and possessing child exploitation material.

Brisbane District Court heard that through six years of offending, the Maryborough man projected a façade of normality.

All the while, he carried out a reign of depraved terror against a girl, using bizarre threats.

"The offending escalated over time," prosecutor Christopher Cook said on Thursday.

To prevent victims being identified, the pedophile cannot be named.

The businessman abused a girl from when she was aged about 10.

Mr Cook said the predator would say "he had people who could get her even when she was asleep".

"That alone has had a profound effect on her," Mr Cook added.

The offending was "heinous" and merited a jail term of 11 or 12 years, Mr Cook said.

The prosecutor said references some people provided suggested the businessman was "a good bloke".

That only showed the predator presented a fake side to friends as he secretly tormented the girl, Mr Cook said.

Some people in the gallery gasped in disgust as the court heard the pedophile had "depression and anxiety which he's getting treatment for in custody".

Defence counsel Alastair McDougall said the offending was out of character.

But Judge Brad Farr replied: "It can hardly be said to be an aberration...he's for a long [time] been living a lie"

Judge Farr said the predator was possessive, threatening a boy who was friends with the girl, lying about the boy, even threatening the boy's father.

The offender used CCTV cameras at multiple locations and filmed the girl showering.

The offending was extraordinary, "depraved and degrading", the judge added.

Judge Farr said the pedophile warned the girl if she disobeyed him she'd be "betraying the dark side, whatever was meant by that ridiculous notion".

The Fraser Coast man was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

He has already spent a year in custody and will be eligible for parole in 2025.


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