Selena Gomez. Picture: MEGA
Selena Gomez. Picture: MEGA

Gomez ‘vows’ to stop Justin’s wedding

MILLIONS of teen girls around the world had their hopes crushed this week after the shock news of Justin Bieber's engagement to Hailey Baldwin.

But none more so than Disney queen Selena Gomez, who as we all know is Biebs' on-again-off-again girlfriend, with the pair pictured hanging out as recently as March.

But any hopes for #Jelena to get back together have been squashed since the surprise proposal. Or have they?

According to NW, 'Sel' is on the 'warpath' and will do whatever it takes to stop the impending nuptials.

Sadly for #Jelena shippers, a source says Sel isn't interested in getting Biebs back but only wants to warn Hailey so she doesn't end up hurt, with plans to secretly pull her aside.

I think we can all relate to this sentiment. All I've ever wanted is the best for an ex's new girlfriend.


Selena contacting Hailey via her dreams to tell her she’s making a mistake.
Selena contacting Hailey via her dreams to tell her she’s making a mistake.

Over to one of Selena's best friends, pop princess Taylor Swift, who in even more shocking news has managed to remain in a relationship for nearly two years.

English actor Joe Alwyn is shaping up to be "the one" for the notoriously unlucky in love singer, with news of an engagement reportedly on the horizon.

NW has even listed all the changes Tay Tay has made for her beau, including swapping her accent from American to British.

If this hasn't made Joe run for the hills by now nothing will. This is the real deal.

Congrats to the happy couple who are set to become engaged in November.

Taylor Swift now identifies as British.
Taylor Swift now identifies as British.

It wouldn't be a fulfilling week in mag-land without a juicy royal rumour, and New Idea has served up a doozy. A 38 year secret which has finally been exposed.

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Charles dated.

Before he wed Princess Diana, it's reported the couple had a 'wild affair' in secret.

"Fergie was always rumoured to be meeting up in private with Prince Charles, always in secret parts of the palace and the palace grounds," a source said.

I did not consent to this mental imagery I'm currently suffering.

Despite Fergie being the family joke after toesucking, financial and sex scandals, I'm sure we can all agree she's still better than Camilla.

A bit closer to home, ever wondered why Bec Hewitt has been absent from the acting scene for the better part of a decade?

We finally have someone to blame.

Her husband, tennis legend Lleyton Hewitt, has been sabotaging her chances at getting roles because he is 'jealous' about the possibility of her touching a male co-star.

Bec rebelling and conducting an interview without Lleyton’s say-so.
Bec rebelling and conducting an interview without Lleyton’s say-so.

Sources tell New Idea Bec has been trying to get back into the entertainment industry, and would even return to Home and Away, but Lleyton makes things too 'difficult' and 'takes over negotiations'.

Seriously, did he watch Home and Away back in the day? He is depriving the world of TV friendships like this.


Some men just want to watch the world burn.