The Queensland Times Editor Peter Chapman.
The Queensland Times Editor Peter Chapman. David Nielsen

OPINION: Thanks for the honour of being your QT editor

I AM fortunate to be going on a short break from next week so I thought I'd take this opportunity to wish all the QT readers a great Christmas and happy 2016.

The months have started slipping away since I moved here with my family midway through 2014.

As we stride through life we make many decisions, some are great, some are not so good and some are just plain stupid.

You will be pleased to know I believe my move to Ipswich was one of my better decisions.

I have mentioned before that my wife owns the Price Attack store at Orion Shopping Centre, a shop we opened when the centre welcomed its first shoppers in 2007.

As any surviving retailers from that period will tell you the first five years was a hard road to say the least.

The new expansion of Orion along with the influx of residents has turned that around and it was timely for us to move back to the area as the centre expanded. My daughter is doing nursing at USQ and the timing was once again spot-on with them taking over the UQ Ipswich campus.

Most importantly, I believe that more than ever, Ipswich needs a steadying hand from its daily newspaper.

We are charging forward and some people are getting run over in the process.

This city needs a paper that holds its elected officials to account and campaigns strongly for a better community.

The QT's power to do this was fully revealed in state parliament recently when our front pages were held up time and again during important debates.

It is an honour to be this paper's 26th editor since Edmond Gregory in 1859.

I trust I am doing a good job, at least you should know I care about this great city which is now my family's home.