Kane Cornes and Tex Walker are the best of rivals.
Kane Cornes and Tex Walker are the best of rivals.

‘The d---head’: AFL star’s clueless live mic jab

CROWS star Taylor Walker had no idea footy media rival Kane Cornes was listening the whole time when the Adelaide captain was slagging him off behind the scenes on The Sunday Footy Show.

The pair have traded barbs publicly through media interviews and social media for the past 12 months, culminating in Cornes' declaration last month for Walker to hand over the captaincy of his club to star midfielder Rory Sloane.

On Thursday, popular Footy Show panellist Billy Brownless revealed that Walker earlier this season - ahead of an appearance on The Sunday Footy Show - made his frustrations known behind the scenes after learning that Cornes was also on the Channel 9 show that day.

Brownless told Triple M's Rush Hour, Walker proceeded to label Cornes a "d---head" - having no idea his voice could be heard through every member of the panel's headsets.

Walker did a live interview with the Sunday panel from Darwin before the Crows' 91-point thumping at the hands of Melbourne in round 10.

Crows skipper Taylor Walker gives the troops a rev.
Crows skipper Taylor Walker gives the troops a rev.

He said the relationship between Cornes and Walker had already festered out of control at that point.

"To the point where one Sunday we're on the panel," Brownless recounted.

"We were sitting there and the player was getting mic'd up. And I don't know if he knew that we had audio through our headsets and it was Tex and he was in Darwin. And we go, 'G'day'. And (host) Tony Jones goes, 'G'day, the boys are here ready to go.'

"And Tex says, 'Is Kane on?' And Kane's down the end there. And Tony goes, 'Yeah, yeah, he's on'. And he (Walker) goes, 'Ahh s---'. And then he's gone to his media manager: 'He's on. The d---head is on.' Not knowing that Kane can hear all of this."

A month earlier Walker and Cornes chose to air their dirty laundry in public

After a poor performance by Taylor earlier this year, Cornes slammed the skipper's inability to be able to stand up like a captain should when his side needed him the most. 

"Walker was hardly sighted in the first half of the upset defeat at the hands of Collingwood on Friday night," Cornes wrote in story for The Advertiser.

Kane Cornes is still droppin’ bombs.
Kane Cornes is still droppin’ bombs.

"His lack of presence and mediocre effort at ground level in the second quarter was obvious and not conducive to a captain's game."

Walker responded by saying he couldn't care less about what his critics had to say about him.

"Let's be honest, a few of those people with their opinions you put your head on the pillow at night and have a pretty big giggle at those comments," Walker told Triple M's The Saturday Rub.

"The guys that were pretty vocal this week did not worry me one little bit."

Asked if he was talking about Cornes, Walker didn't name names but didn't deny anything either.

"You guys can cross your 'i's' and cross your 't's', you know who we're talking about," he said.

Then again last month Cornes and Walker shared an incredibly awkward slanging match on The Sunday Footy show again.