Yeppoon mum Sally Stanley woke to find intruders in her home.
Yeppoon mum Sally Stanley woke to find intruders in her home.

TERRIFYING: Mum wakes to intruders watching her

YEPPOON mum Sally Stanley is still having flashbacks, days after she woke to home intruders looking at her in bed.

On Tuesday Sally spoke about the ordeal which rattled her family during the early hours of Sunday morning.

"I woke about 4.30am to two people in our hallway, looking at me through my bedroom door," Sally said.

"I didn't actually get to see their faces or anything, but I saw their bodies.

"My husband was asleep next to me in bed and I started screaming 'Brendon there's people in our house, there's someone in our house!'"

Sally (pictured) said the intruders, which she believed to be two teenage males, then immediately fled the house.

There were signs the culprits had been inside the high-set Swordfish Avenue property for some time.

"All of the drawers had been gone through and my (16-year-old) son's phone got taken from right next to his bed while he was sleeping so they (thieves) were pretty brazen," Sally said.

"They also stole a brown Colorado handbag/wallet, Ray-Bans (sunglasses), a black wallet and a bowl of special $2 coins.

"They even took three litres of milk and a kilo tin of milo so I don't think they were adults."

Perhaps even more concerning was that one of the offenders had armed themselves with a pair of scissors while inside the home.

"When they've run out, one of them must have dropped the scissors because we found them on the grass near the gate," Sally said.

"They must have grabbed the scissors just in case we woke up, which is really, really scary.

"They'd even turned our security light off, downstairs.

"The whole thing sticks in my mind and I'm still getting flashbacks - replaying over and over, seeing them in the hallway.

"It was a bit of a shock at first when it happened because I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not."

Sally said the intruders would have entered through an unlocked front door, shortly after her other son, 20, got home at 4am.

"He was in his room with his headphones on and that's why he didn't lock the door when he came home because he was awake, there were lights on, and it wasn't going to be long until it was daylight," Sally said.

"He said 'sorry mum, I didn't think to lock the front door at that time of the morning'.

"You don't think you're going to have someone come into your house while you're home."

Sally said the offenders didn't startle the family's dog so they must have entered hot on the heels of her son.

"The dog probably just thought it was him (son) getting home and moving around."

Yeppoon police and scenes of crime officers attended the residence.

On Tuesday police said charges had not yet been laid and investigations were continuing.