WEDDING DAY: Jill and Jo were married on December 15, 2017.
WEDDING DAY: Jill and Jo were married on December 15, 2017. Marion Jonkers

Terminally ill Coast woman was first in nation to marry wife

IT IS a story as heartbreaking as it is inspiring.

For Sunshine Coast pair Jo Grant and Jill Kindt, the legislation allowing same-sex marriage allowed them to spend their final weeks together as a married couple.

On December 15 the couple were the first to be married in Australia, as Jo was terminally ill with a rare cancer and the 30-day waiting period was overruled.

Jo died on January 30, just five weeks after the wedding.

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Yvette D'Ath today shared Jo and Jill's story, telling the Parliament that Jo and Jill were approved, married, and registered all in one day, after the Registrar ruled exceptional circumstances.

"This is a love story - of the deep bond between Jo Grant and Jill Kindt," Mrs D'Ath told Parliament.

"This is also an inspiring story - of the extraordinary lengths our staff went to, to make this historic marriage happen before it was too late.

"And it's a story of hope that reframes Queensland as a modern, trailblazing state which recognises equal rights and the most fundamental principle - that love is love."

Jo's wife and parents were in Parliament for today's statement.

Jo and Jill were one of 159 same-sex couples who have been married in Queensland since the marriage equality laws were passed.

Another 70 have been booked in with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages before the end of the year.