Ipswich's new Deputy Mayor, Paul Tully.
Ipswich's new Deputy Mayor, Paul Tully.

10 things you probably don’t know about our new deputy mayor

Ten things you probably don't know about new Ipswich Deputy Mayor Paul Tully...

1. He was an altar boy for four years at the Holy Family Church at Indooroopilly in the 1960s.

2. He was editor of the student newspaper Semper Floreat in 1972 at the University of Queensland where he gained a Law degree.

3. He has been a registered beekeeper for 55 years.

4. He played right-wing for the under 16 Kenmore Bears rugby union team in 1966-67 and was a top GPS sprinter.

5. He's the youngest councillor ever elected to the Ipswich City Council since 1860 at the age of 27, and is the longest serving councillor in Queensland, having served 37 years and won 12 consecutive elections.

6. He has three children - Gabrielle 40, a PR manager in Melbourne for a major Australian retailer and John Paul 16 and James 14, students at Ipswich Grammar School.

7. In 1989 he was arrested for trespassing at Redbank while opposing a radioactive waste dump for the suburb. Defending himself, he was found not guilty because the prosecution failed to prove there were horse stables or servants' quarters on the land as required under an 1824 English Act.

8. He has the largest collection of books and memorabilia on Jack the Ripper in Australia and in his spare time is writing a book on the 128-year-old London mystery.

9. He has been a registered Australian migration agent since 2000 providing free migration and citizenship advice to individuals and families across Ipswich.

10. He is a licensed Australian amateur ham radio operator with call sign VK4FPGT and talks around the world with other licensed amateurs.