DINE IN: You can taste Fenton Keogh's tasty treats at the Ipswich Club.
DINE IN: You can taste Fenton Keogh's tasty treats at the Ipswich Club. Rob Williams

Hungry? Tempt your tastebuds with tantalising tapas

A HIGHLY skilled chef is bringing tasty delicious Spanish appetiser tapas to Friday nights at the Ipswich club.

Entrepreneur and chef Fenton Keogh's says the nights will bring a fresh new taste experience to the start of weekends at the heritage-listed venue.

"We are attracting a lot of people to Friday night tapas. There are people who think it is for members but it is open to the public, too.

"It is great on the wide verandas and is ideal for couples and families to come out after a big week," Mr Keogh said.

Mr Keogh took on the Ipswich Club last July after an extended break.

"We offer a special Friday night tapas and drinks as well as a host of function opportunities," he said.

The exquisite location on Gray St was originally the home of James Parker Bottomley and his family.

Mr Bottomley was a local businessman and alderman.

The location continues to provide the perfect place for a range of functions and events.

The Ipswich Club, which was formed in 1949, purchased the property in 1959 and continues even today.

Mr Keogh and wife Lisa are managing the catering and venue hire. It can cater for larger weddings to more intimate gatherings such as business events, conferences and seminars, and all types of celebrations.

"Lisa and I worked for opposition restaurants which were both top-shelf places. She is brilliant at front-of-house and I got a lot of experience in the kitchen."

The duo ran the well-known Fenton's in Ipswich for 15 years.

With a young family, they decided to take a break.

Mr Keogh continues to teach hospitality at Bundamba TAFE.

"I love food and love cooking and it is great to give back to the new talent coming through.

It's a return to his roots for Mr Keogh.

"I actually started out at the Ipswich Club when I went on work experience from St Eddies. I was in grade 10 and that is where it all started," he said.

"I was offered a job to wash dishes and when I left school I did my apprenticeship here.

"Ipswich people and those who travel in just love this place. The old classic structure is fantastic."

Mr and Mrs Keogh are also catching up with some of the familiar faces of three-and-half-years ago when they were regulars at Fenton's.

"I have to say I missed seeing our regulars. I missed the people. It was time for a break. People don't realise how demanding it is," he said.

"But being back in Ipswich, well I am getting to see familiar faces and people who became friends over the years."

If you are looking for something new and different, make it a Friday night date for tapas or book your function with them.

Check out details at the Ipswich Club website or search for them on Facebook today.