Madison Tammy Alexia O'doherty threw rubbish at a police officer and “lashed out” during an Australia Day brawl.
Madison Tammy Alexia O'doherty threw rubbish at a police officer and “lashed out” during an Australia Day brawl.

Teen’s ‘disgusting’ behaviour in wild brawl

Half a carton of Vodka Cruisers fuelled a teenager's "disgusting" behaviour on Australia Day when she "lashed out" at police.

A court previously heard three police officers were left injured after a fight broke out among a large group of teenagers celebrating at Eleanor Shipley Park about 3.30pm on January 26.

A brawl ensued and 12 people were charged with 26 offences.

Teens face charges for violent Aussie Day brawl

Madison Tammy Alexia O'doherty faced five charges at Caloundra Magistrates Court on Wednesday for her involvement.

Defence lawyer Rachel Holland said the 19-year-old receptionist drank half a carton of Vodka Cruisers from 9am.

Police prosecutor Amanda Brewer said there were children and family about when O'doherty approached police while swearing.

The court heard O'doherty called the police c---s and told them to f--- off.

"That's made the police officers' jobs extremely difficult because her actions were inciting the group of people to join in the abuse and were acting physically towards police," Senior Constable Brewer said.

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She said police then attempted to arrest a man who was kicking at them.

"The defendant was about 2m away and she has thrown rubbish at police," Sen Constable Brewer said.

"Police have taken evasive action not to be struck by the rubbish while they were still attempting to restrain the male on the ground who was hostile."

The court heard O'doherty attempted to free another friend, who was being arrested, by placing her body weight on an officer's arm.

Madison Tammy Alexia O'doherty faced court on Wednesday.
Madison Tammy Alexia O'doherty faced court on Wednesday.

"Police have then approached the defendant and told her she is under arrest," Sen Constable Brewer said.

"She's then lashed out and attempted to strike police in a frenzy.

"Police have then handcuffed the defendant and controlled her head by grabbing her hair to prevent them from getting assaulted in her violent rage."

O'doherty was arrested and placed into a police van.

"Her behaviour, which was viewed by police as disgusting, continued en route to the Maroochydore Watch House including calling police various names and banging on the side of the van," Sen Constable Brewer said.

On Wednesday, Police offered no evidence to one charge of assaulting a police officer and the charge was withdrawn.

O'doherty pleaded guilty to three counts of obstructing police and one count of committing public nuisance.

She had no criminal history.

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Ms Holland said too much alcohol was consumed by people who couldn't handle it during the celebrations.

"My client hadn't eaten all day and as you can see she is a tiny thing," Ms Holland said.

"She is very remorseful and her behaviour is very out of character."

Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist highlighted to O'doherty that police were doing their job and were responding to calls from concerned members of the public.

"They would rather not have to go there so don't think they wanted to," he said.

"They have to go. So they can't win."

O'doherty was given a good behaviour bond of $1200 for 12 months.

No conviction was recorded.