Toowoomba Courthouse
Toowoomba Courthouse Bev Lacey

Teens accused of Toowoomba car chase front court

A 15-YEAR-OLD boy accused of leading police on a pursuit through Toowoomba streets in a stolen car Thursday night has been remanded in custody.

The boy, from Silkstone, and his 16-year-old boy co-accused, from Newtown, appeared before Toowoomba Children's Court having spent the night in the watch house.

As juveniles the teenagers cannot be named.

Both are charged with unlawfully using motor vehicles while the 15-year-old is also charged with stealing and wilful damage.

A Polair helicopter was called in to track the stolen vehicle and relay its position to police on the ground after the car was spotted in Mort St, North Toowoomba, about 7pm Thursday.

Police claim the stolen car was involved in a two car crash before a tyre deflation device (stinger) was successfully deployed on Curzon St just prior to the intersection with Jellicoe St about 7.50pm to bring the car to a stop after which three juveniles allegedly fled on foot.

The 15-year-old protested in court that he wasn't the driver and that he was only a passenger in the car, despite police claims he was identified by officers as the driver.

Objecting to his bail application, police prosecutor Senior Constable Julia Wheaton said the boy had 13 previous offences of similar nature.

"He's had probation, community service, he's been on remand and he has outstanding matters including unlawful use of a motor vehicle and failing to appear in court," she said.

Magistrate Kay Ryan noted at just 15 the boy already had 11 pages of criminal history and that he was on probation at the time.

"I think we have to put the safety of the public first," Ms Ryan said.

Bail was refused and the boy held in detention.

His 16-year-old co-accused was granted bail to live with his aunt in Newtown and abide by conditions.

Both were adjourned for mention back in Toowoomba Children's Court on December 20.