An Ipswich teenager has pleaded guilty to possession of steroids. Picture: File
An Ipswich teenager has pleaded guilty to possession of steroids. Picture: File

Teenager told to stay away from steroids

A TEENAGER who told police he had steroids in his car has been warned off getting involved in performance enhancing drugs by a concerned Ipswich Magistrate.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella told the 18-year-old to stick with a healthy exercise regime and good diet.

The Ipswich teen pleaded guilty to possession of dangerous drugs at Brassall on September 15 this year.

The steroids were found inside a black bag after police intercepted his car and officers questioned him.

The court heard he had completed Year 12, had a job, and was in a long-term relationship.

“You were very forthright and co-operative with police, proffering that you had steroids, which is significant,” Mr Kinsella said.

“It concerns me that young men are using steroids to see an immediate short term gain.

“They are using (steroids) to improve their muscular appearance.

“It is well known their use can have long-term health effects and increase the risk of cancer.

“It is very important that young men realise that short term gain is a fiction as potentially there can be long term effects.”

Mr Kinsella, after hearing argument from the teenager’s lawyer, said the appropriate penalty was to send him to drug diversion and for him to complete a drug education session.

The teenager was placed on a $200 good behaviour bond for six months.

He agreed to do the drug diversion order before Christmas. No conviction was recorded.

“You are young. You can build bulk a lot faster if you go about it properly,” Mr Kinsella said.