FILE PHOTO: Police tasered Lorenzo Setu, 18, after he assaulted two police officers while high on LSD.
FILE PHOTO: Police tasered Lorenzo Setu, 18, after he assaulted two police officers while high on LSD. FILE

Teenager tasered in LSD-fuelled police attack

HIGH on LSD and wearing only underwear, a teenager assaulted two police officers after a running rampage through a stranger's home.

Lorenzo Setu, 18, jumped into a woman's swimming pool, demanded a cigarette from her and when she refused, smashed her window with rocks before he fled to a nearby Peregian Beach home.

Police prosecutor Sam Rigby told the Maroochydore Magistrates Court here the teenager opened a beer with his teeth and took a swig before he smashed it on the ground. When the resident asked Setu to leave, he snatched a painting from the wall and ran.

Yesterday, the court heard traffic was then forced to dodge Setu as he ran across the esplanade and the David Low Way.

Police soon caught up with the teenager in a jewellery shop inside the Peregian Beach Community House, where Setu "launched himself" at an arresting officer and threw punches at his head and face.

The court heard Setu then attempted to "side step" another officer who had blocked the front exit and shoulder charged him into the door.

The officer first assaulted then shouted "Let him go, taser, taser, taser" before Setu was tasered to the ground and handcuffed.

Yesterday the recent high school graduate pleaded guilty to six charges including two of assaulting a police officer, two trespass, one public nuisance and one wilful damage.

Setu's duty lawyer told the court her client recalled feeling frightened as he had a "terrible reaction" to LSD, including auditory and sensory hallucinations.

"He thought he was dreaming and everything that happened wasn't real," she said.

The court heard Setu had no criminal history and lived in Redbank with his mother and father, who supported him in court on Monday.

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin told Setu he was lucky to escape a serious assault charge which carries a maximum seven-year prison sentence.

"I hope for the rest of your life this has sworn you off drugs, you must have been stunned by what people told you you did," Mr McLaughlin said.

Setu was sentenced to 12 months' probation, no conviction recorded.