SELFLESS: Redbank Plains State High School Year 10 student Alex Vayro.
SELFLESS: Redbank Plains State High School Year 10 student Alex Vayro. Cordell Richardson

Teenager steps in to save the day for two young children

WHEN 15-year-old Alex Vayro saw a potentially disastrous situation unfolding before him, he didn't hesitate jumping into action.

The Redbank Plains State High School student was waiting for some mates outside the Town Square shopping centre when he noticed a shopping trolley, with two very young children strapped in, starting to roll into the busy car park.

He dropped his bike and phone and rushed to stop the trolley before it was hit by a car, with the teenager almost struck by a reversing car as he sprinted past vehicles.

The brave act was witnessed by teacher Charlotte Hanley, who had taught Alex the previous year.

"He was the only one who ran for it,” Ms Hanley said.

"I wouldn't have looked back otherwise.

"It was one of those plastic Target trolleys, which are quite lightweight. I think all of the weight on top of the trolley made it roll down.”

She arrived alongside Alex a few seconds after he caught up with it to help return the infant and the toddler to its mother.

"If he hadn't of got it, either a car would have hit it or it would have tipped because those plastic trolleys are really light,” she said.

"Even when he grabbed the trolley (the kids) looked scared. They looked very frightened.

"I was very, very proud of him. He deserves praise, it was amazing.”

Not one to dwell in any adulation, Alex downplayed the role he played in a situation that could have had a much different outcome if he hadn't stepped in.

What seemed to be the mother of the two kids didn't have any idea what had happened.

"I don't think she even noticed. I just went back to my bike,” he said.

"I didn't think anyone else was paying attention. I was just bored and looking around and I saw the trolley start to move so I reacted.

"I thought maybe the parents would see it. I dropped my bike and ran.”

Ms Hanley, an English and history teacher at Redbank Plains, was bemused that he didn't even tell anyone what had happened.

"I was teaching his sister the next day and asked if Alex had told her,” she said.

"He didn't even tell his mum and sister.”