ASSAULTED: A teen was violated during a 'selfish' attack by an older man.
ASSAULTED: A teen was violated during a 'selfish' attack by an older man. Thinkstock

Teenage girl violated in 'selfish' attack by 67yo man

A JUDGE has slammed a Clifton man for the "perverted desire'' that drove him to sexually assault a 16-year-old girl after she had completed her shift at work.

Judge Nathan Jarro told the 67-year-old man his crime was "opportunistic'' and "selfish'' after he pleaded guilty in Warwick District Court to one count of sexual assault.

Crown prosecutor Chontelle Farnsworth outlined the circumstances of the case to the judge.

Ms Farnsworth said the man had entered the teenager's workplace upset, telling her he had received tragic information about an accident involving his grandson.

At first the girl hugged the man but he held on too long, Ms Farnsworth said.

The court heard that when the girl's shift ended he walked up and hugged her from behind, then ran his hand up the length of her thigh.

Ms Farnsworth said a victim impact statement written by the girl showed the ongoing affect of the assault.

"It details the significant impact (the incident had), a loss of her confidence, anxiety and feelings of weakness as a result of the defendant's conduct," Ms Farnsworth said.

Defence lawyer David Jones said the man's behaviour was out of character, as he had heard bad news and had had too much to drink.

"It's not a pattern of ongoing offending.

"Any offending of a sexual nature is serious but this court needs to put into context where it falls in the range of seriousness," Mr Jones said.

While the man saved the teenager from participating in a trial due to a last-minute decision to plead guilty, Judge Jarro said he should be "thoroughly ashamed'' of himself.

"Your poor victim was only 16 years of age, she was a teenager who was working. The last thing she needed was to be violated after completing a shift," he said.

Judge Jarro said he took into account the man's dated criminal history and that he had not committed offences of a similar nature in the past.

The man was sentenced to six months' jail but the sentence was immediately suspended for a year.

"I must state that you're still being sentenced to serve a term of imprisonment but that's in the community," Judge Jarro said.