Angel Dare pleaded guilty to multiple drug charges.
Angel Dare pleaded guilty to multiple drug charges.

Teen wouldn’t give watch house glasses back

A GLADSTONE teenager has avoided a criminal conviction after a spate of offending over a three-month period.

Angel Colina Koorinjum Dare, 19, pleaded guilty to 10 charges in Gladstone Magistrates Court last Friday including drug possession and obstructing police.

Dare's offending started on November 25, at 4.15am, when she was intercepted by police on Scenery St, Gladstone.

She attempted to hide a set of scissors in her bag and was told to drop them and sit on the footpath, but instead she began arguing.

Police saw a poorly hidden meth pipe in the front of Dare's shirt.

She was told to hand over the pipe and her phone when she threw the pipe on the ground, causing it to shatter.

Dare was told to put her hands behind her back but would not comply, resulting in police physically pinning her arms behind her body.

Inside a car, police found a water pipe with marijuana residue, scissors and a ceramic bowl with cut-down tobacco and marijuana.

Dare was transported to the watch house where police located 0.9g of cannabis on her.

At the watch house, she was given a field property receipt and a set of reading glasses to allow her to read and sign the document.

She told police "just f--- off c--- I don't have to" when the conversation was ended and she was told to give the glasses back.

The police explained why they could not give her a specific release time and why she could not have the glasses in the cell, but she still refused to give them back.

A police sergeant spoke to Dare and explained why she had to give the glasses back, and reached to take the glasses from Dare's face.

Dare swatted the sergeant's hand, causing police to restrain her arms, however Dare continued to kick out again.

Dare was stopped by police again, on January 3 at 1.10am, on Bryon Jordan Dr.

She was found with a set of scales which she said she used to weight marijuana.

She was further stopped on February 7 at Boles St, at 1am - this time sitting in her car with the driver's side door open.

When approached by police she exited the car in a "cumbersome" awkward manner and was nervous.

She told police she was looking for her dogs which escaped, and said she had pulled over to wait for a phone call.

She told police she had smoked marijuana 20 minutes before driving and produced a glass pipe from her bra.

During a further search, police found a small zip-lock bag containing 1.4g of marijuana and 0.4g of meth in Dare's underwear.

Dare found herself in trouble again on February 10, when police were called to her residence.

Dare greeted the police at the door and demanded they did not enter the house.

An officer walked around Dare however she kept walking in front of the officer and said it was only her and her sister there.

She became abusive as the officer approached the shower area, and was told to go to the living area.

Dare kept resisting before she was restrained and led to the front of the house.

Defence lawyer Brandon Selic asked to the court to consider Dare's young age and the fact she had no prior offending.

Dare was sentenced to 12 months' probation and no conviction was recorded.

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