J'Khobi Shaw destroyed a bathroom door at the Cooroy train station.
J'Khobi Shaw destroyed a bathroom door at the Cooroy train station. John McCutcheon

Teen terrorises tourists, destroys train station door

UPSET after a break-up with his girlfriend, a teen tore apart a railway station bathroom, terrorising a pair of Dutch female backpackers in the process.

At 1.30am on November 8 at Cooroy train station, J'Khobi Shaw, 17, was found by police "waving timber around his head" from a bathroom door he'd destroyed.

He'd also smashed a window in the toilet.

When police caught up with Shaw after he ran across a pedestrian bridge, he told them, "I'm such a stupid a--hole, I'm always getting myself into s---" and begged them to let him go.

Two travellers at the scene were shaken by the incident and described him as "extremely aggressive".

Shaw yesterday pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court to single counts of wilful damage and public nuisance.

The teen appeared in court from custody last month on charges of public nuisance, stealing, entering a yard and obstructing police and was granted probation after his father and step-mother vowed to support him.

Those charges occurred on November 20, when Shaw stole a mountain bike and struggled against police during his arrest.

His parents drove up from Victoria for that court date and told the magistrate through Shaw's lawyer, they wanted to move him to New South Wales for a "fresh start".

Lawyer Michael Robinson told the court his client "wasn't having a good day" when he destroyed the bathroom and "felt he had to cause some damage to take his feelings out".

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin sentenced Shaw to seven months' probation, to match up with his previous order.

Shaw will also pay $2483 restitution for the damage he caused with no convictions recorded.