A teenager has been placed on probation for taking part in the robbery of a pizza delivery driver.
A teenager has been placed on probation for taking part in the robbery of a pizza delivery driver.

Teen ‘opted out’ during delivery driver robbery

A TEENAGER who took part in the robbery of pizza delivery driver has been sentenced to probation.

An Ipswich court on Tuesday heard the teen would avoid spending time behind bars because he left the scene before more serious incidents occurred.

Ayii Mabior Arok Amou, 19, from Goodna, pleaded guilty to taking part in a robbery while in company and while armed with an offensive weapon on December 5, 2019.

He also pleaded guilty to entering premises (the Pizza Hut delivery driver’s car) and stealing.

Crown prosecutor Victoria Adams told Ipswich District Court the stealing was committed by Amou when he reached into the driver’s car and stole a bag that held personal items including money, a driver’s licence and bank cards.

Ms Adams said Amou was a young man aged 18 at the time with no criminal history.

She said he first denied his involvement in the robbery but when again interviewed by police he made admissions.

The court heard a co-accused in the robbery used Amou’s phone to order pizza to Lightbody St, at a location near a park. The name of ‘Jonny’ was used for the order.

When the victim arrived with the pizza, he was approached by Amou and another male who said there would be no payment.

The court heard the other male held a stick.

The driver’s mobile phone was taken and demands were made for him to unlock the code to the phone. The frightened driver complied.

Amou reached into the victim’s car and took a bag and personal property.

Ms Adams said the delivery driver was grabbed and pushed toward the park by two co-accused.

She said Amou “articulated his withdrawal” from the scene and walked home. Amou was not party to the rest of the offending that continued after he left.

Ms Adams said co-offenders continued with more serious offending that involved assaults, deprivation of liberty, and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

She said a juvenile offender who had criminal history had been dealt with in the Ipswich Children’s Court and sentenced to a supervised 12-month probation order.

The Queensland Times understands from previous court reports on the case that the delivery driver was bundled into the boot of his own car and driven off. Amou was not involved in this part of the offending.

An Ipswich court heard last year that threats were made to kill the driver before he was able to escape.

Defence barrister Cecelia Bernardin said Amou had since shown insight into the crime and that he had made a very silly decision.

“He desisted from further offending. He told others at the scene that what they were doing was wrong,” Ms Bernardin said.

“He was a youthful offender. He co-operated with police, made frank admissions and should be afforded leniency.”

Ms Bernardin said Amou was born in South Sudan and fled to Egypt with his siblings and mother in the civil war that killed his father.

Judge Dennis Lynch QC said Amou had been drinking in the park with friends that evening.

He said Amou stole the bag from the car that also held a $40 cash float.

Judge Lynch said attempts were made to access the online bank account of the delivery driver.

Items belonging to the driver were later found at Amou’s home.

He said the driver had been vulnerable at night while carrying out his work duties.

“I am not told of any personal violence done to the driver. The stick was not used to attack the victim,” he said.

“You recognised the wrongness of your behaviour and you were young.”

Judge Lynch sentenced Amou to a supervised 18-month probation order.

No conviction was recorded.