Teen jailed for punch that broke friend's jaw

"ANOTHER tragic example of alcohol fuelled gratuitous violence" is how a Ipswich Magistrate described the crime which saw a teenager go to jail today.

Judge Greg Koppenol sentenced Joshua Josef Cosentino to 18 months imprisonment in Ipswich District Court for a king hit that broke his teenage friend's jaw in two places.

Cosentino, 19, pleaded guilty to one count of grievous bodily harm in a public place while adversely affected by an intoxicating substance after he hit the victim outside a party at Forest Hill in October last year.

Crown prosecutor James Marxson said Cosentino and the victim were drinking at the party with 15 other people but when the victim tried to leave, Cosentino and another person met him outside. "He was struck in the jaw by the defendant," he said.

He had to undergo two surgeries to mend his jaw with wire, plates and screws.

Mr Marxson said Cosentino provided police with a self-serving version of events which the Crown did accept.

"This is gratuitous street violence and something that is so topical in the community," Judge Koppenol said.

Defence lawyer Laura Reece told the court her client was not "someone who regularly drank to excess".

"It is a dramatic illustration of the consequences of the adverse affects of alcohol," she said.

Judge Koppenol set a parole release date after Cosentino served three months of the 18 month sentence and ordered he serve 40 hours community service.