Teen in strife over break-in, fire at train station

A FIRE and break-in at an Ipswich train station landed one of the youthful offenders before a senior judge in the Children's Court.

The 16-year-old pleaded guilty before Chief Judge Kerry O'Brien to entering the Walloon station with intent on January 18, 2018; endangering rail property by fire; and committing robbery in company with violence at Brassall on March 23, 2018.

In the Crown case before Ipswich Children's Court, senior legal officer Cecelia Bernardin said the boy, then aged 15, wilfully lit toilet paper and risked the building catching fire.

The offence happened at 4.30am when the boy and his young co-offenders kicked open a locked wooden door at Walloon station.

The offenders threw toilet paper, lighting it at a wooden platform seat.

Ms Bernardin said they sat around the fire in an apparent attempt to keep warm. The fire blackened a wall.

Two months later, the boy took part in the robbery of a 15-year-old male at Brassall.

The offence took place before school when the boy was seated in a public area with a girlfriend.

The boy's co-accused punched him to the face, then continued punching him in the head. At the time, he was surrounded.

The victim suffered bruising.

Ms Bernardin said he knew the victim from school and there had been some animosity because of messages the robbery victim posted on Facebook.

She said the boy had limited criminal history and the Crown submission on penalty was that he would benefit with a restorative Justice Order by meeting and talking with the victims of his offending, - the boy and a Qld Rail representative.

Defence barrister Clare O'Connor said minimal damage was caused at Walloon rail station and the boy was not the principal offender in the robbery, saying it was "school boy behaviour".

She said he was already complying with a graffiti removal order program given for previous offences.

Ms O'Connor said he'd been educated to Year 8 before being kicked out of school.

"He's just a kid who's had some trouble," she said.

Judge O'Brien ordered he take part in the Restorative Justice process.