Angelica Rose Lockwood has been released on parole.
Angelica Rose Lockwood has been released on parole. Facebook

Ipswich ice dealer's big wake-up call

A SMIDGEN of drugs found in a bedroom were a teenage ice dealer's undoing.

Ipswich woman Angelica Rose Lockwood was 17 when police raided a house last year and found about 0.1 grams of ice in her bedroom along with glass pipes.

Lockwood, now 18, admitted in Brisbane Supreme Court to owning the pipes and a mobile phone.

Police, trawling through the phone, found a few messages which suggested Lockwood was involved in dealing drugs.

On Thursday, the court heard Lockwood admitted owning the phone, and being an intermediary or go-between - but she wouldn't say for whom.

"When pressed you declined to provide further details," Justice Martin Burns said on Thursday.

Justice Burns said even street-level ice dealers were "peddling misery" and damaging the community.

But he said the arrest had been a wake-up call and Lockwood had changed her attitude.

"I'm told that the seriousness of these offences has been brought home to you."

Lockwood had no prior convictions.

She made early guilty pleas to trafficking ice from January 5 to March 3 last year, and to possessing drugs.

Lockwood's defence counsel said the teen had battled with depression.

"To your credit you have sought treatment for that," Justice Burns told Lockwood.

The judge said he also considered Lockwood's youth when sentencing her.

"There were only five actual supplies during the period charged," the judge added.

It wasn't clear what, if any, profits Lockwood made.

"I strongly suspect your profit consisted of drugs which you then consumed," Justice Burns added.

He said "special leniency" could be applied in the case.

Lockwood was given three years' jail but released on parole immediately.

Justice Burns said drug tests were likely to be part of Lockwood's parole conditions, which will last three years. - NewsRegional