Teen girls given probation for violent robbery

TWO teen girls have been placed on two years probation for an attempted robbery that involved violence against the victim.

The Cairns District Court was told the girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were aged 16 and 13 at the time of the incident in May last year.

Crown prosecutor Rochelle Logan said the attempted robbery involved kicking and punching the victim, who was a tourist, while she was on the ground.

Ms Logan told the court that the older girl was also involved in a bag snatch robbery in November last year.

Barrister Rodney Curtin, for the older girl, said his client had been hanging around the wrong peer group and that substance abuse was involved.

She had also served 39 days in pre-sentence custody.

Barrister James Sheridan said that his client had been 13 at the time and probation would be appropriate.

The court was told that while she had more criminal history, she was not involved in the second offence.

"Do you understand how serious these offences are?" Judge Julie Dick said to the older girl.

Judge Dick reminded her that now she was 17, if she reoffended she would face an adult court.

No convictions were recorded against either girl.

The older teen must attend substance misuse counselling.