Tech giants’ bans have trumped free speech

The coterie of tech CEOs lining up to ban US President Donald Trump is nothing more than a free-speech-bashing exercise based on hate.

Yes, Trump is unbridled with his tongue. But how does that compare with the gutless wonders on Twitter and Facebook who are celebrated when they fire off defamatory and hateful nonsense?

Now Trump is persona non grata on social media platforms; disagree with the Left and you are cancelled.

But the other currency of the day is hypocrisy.

Remember it was the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who attended a private dinner with President Trump at the White House in October 2019.

This was a week before Zuckerberg delivered a speech at Georgetown University on his company's commitment to free speech, titled "Standing for voice and free expression".

It is not just Zuckerberg.

Twitter is the social media platform where people grabbed the popcorn to read what was on Trump's mind.

He was a star attraction, often clumsy and too raw for liking; nonetheless, his Twitter account was followed by or interacted with half of all Twitter users.

In fact, following Twitter's announcement, Twitter's share price fell 7 per cent in 24 hours.

Zuckerberg and his ilk pontificate from a privileged position, all in the name of ingratiating themselves to the Left.

Whatever happened to valuing free expression over censorship?

If you are so repulsed by what Trump has to say on his social media, unfollow or block him.

Not only can we do without these insufferable tech CEOs, who pay virtually no tax, but also we have to decide whether we want Silicon Valley to be the arbiter of what we say and when we say it.

Why are so many political leaders silent in the face of this abuse of freedom?

We are in dangerous territory.

Jake Thrupp is a producer for Alan Jones on Sky News





Originally published as Tech giants' bans have trumped free speech