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Taylor Swift rips up beach to construct home

TAYLOR Swift has angered locals near her Rhode Island home by "tearing up the beach".

The '22' singer is building a sea wall below her summer residence in New England and the construction work has upset other residents in the area.

A source told RadarOnline.com: "She's tearing up the beach and everyone is p****d off about it."

Another local added: "This is just the latest of all the things she's done to try to take over our beach since she moved in. She needs to realise that just because she bought a house overlooking the beach, she doesn't own it."

Since purchasing her property earlier this year, Taylor's entourage have been accused of harassing young people helping to clean up the beach near her home as well as a local T-shirt vendor who made a jokey design to welcome her to the area.

The 24-year-old singer has also been accused of starting construction without getting proper permission.

Writing in Connecticut's The Day newspaper, journalist David Collins wrote: "I came upon the fleet of big earth movers working on the cliff below Swift's mansion, busily, well, rearranging the rocky coastline.

"One giant machine, part crane, was lifting big appliance-size boulders up out of the ocean with its mechanical claw and moving them ... Imagine my surprise when I soon discovered that Swift has not obtained one single permit from the town for the cliff work, which could well be among the largest construction projects in Westerly right now."

Taylor's camp have yet to comment on the project.