Tasty new arrival to take the stress out of dining out

WITH allergy-free options and a mum and bub room coming soon, this new Ipswich restaurant is aiming at taking the stress out of dining out.

Situated at the five-ways on the corner of Glebe and Brisbane roads, Ange's Kitchen opened at the weekend with owners Angelina and Mark McVea eager for Ipswich residents to come and try their authentic, home-style Chinese cuisine.

"All of Ange's family have their own restaurants in China and London, which are all very successful, so she thought it was about time she had her own," Mr McVea said.

Having an allergy to MSG himself, using anything pre-made was a no go.

Ange's Kitchen owner Angelina Chen has opened at the Fiveways.
Ange's Kitchen owner Angelina Chen has opened at the Fiveways. Rob Williams

"We don't use any processed products," Mr McVea said.

"We make everything in shop which includes the dim sims, the spring rolls, the wontons and even our sauces."

Offering not only gluten free options but other allergy-free dishes is a massive draw card for customers who can't risk an allergic reaction.

"If you give us 24 hours' notice, we're happy to go out of our way and make that dish on site just for you," Mr McVea said.

With three boys of their own, this husband and wife team knows the stress of heading out for a meal.

"We currently have another room on the premises which is half the size of the main restaurant which we are planning to make into a mum and bubs' room," Mr McVea said.

"We are currently waiting for council to give us permission to use this. We being parents and usually going out to restaurants, we always found it difficult, especially with children, to sit down and have a family get-together. That's the reason why we decided to go ahead with this idea.

"At the moment we've got the main seating area which has 12 tables sitting about 30 people, old-style booths as well as the restaurant being fully air-conditioned."

Check out their Facebook page Ange's Kitchen Ipswich for more details.