‘Targeting Target’: Mum snatches clothes, hair straightener

A LIGHT-fingered single mum who snatched more than $400 worth of clothing, hair and make up accessories from Target has vowed to start shopping at charity stores after being ordered to pay for most of the stolen loot.

Jenny Jane Barns, 31, went into the Earlville store twice in 10 days during July, grabbing multiple clothing items, make up sponges, a hair straightener and a Trolls bag for her 18-month-old child.

She pleaded guilty to two counts of stealing in the Cairns Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Police prosecutor Acting Sgt Amy Rennie told the court both times she went into the store change rooms and ripped the security tags off the items before leaving the store without paying for them.

The first time she stole $296 worth of items, while the second time the value was $114.90 and she was arrested outside the store where the goods were recovered.

"She was targeting Target," Acting Sgt Rennie told the court.

"It is concerning she's a 31-year-old … and she's targeting the store to a fairly significant quantity of items."

Defence solicitor Alan Watkins said Barns, a disability pension who also cared for her mother, was cash strapped and he had recommended she get financial counselling.

"That is the crux of the problem here," he said.

"She has now taken steps to curb her spending and go to goodwill or thrift shops rather than going to Target."

Magistrate Terrence Browne ordered she repay the $296 from the first incident and gave her nine months probation.

Originally published as 'Targeting Target': Single mum snatches clothes, hair straightener