A recent Take 3 for the sea event sponsored by AVID property group at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, netted a huge haul of rubbish.
A recent Take 3 for the sea event sponsored by AVID property group at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, netted a huge haul of rubbish. Gary Mills

Take three for the sea campaign

RESIDENTS of Bellbird Park's Brentwood Forest are encouraged to get behind Take 3 for the Sea.

AVID Property Group is looking to influence change in each of its residential communities in collaboration with Take 3 co-founder and environmentalist Tim Silverwood.

In partnership with Take 3, AVID is hosting a series of free local events during National Recycling Week.

AVID and Take 3 will host an exclusive free film screening of award-winning environmental documentary, Blue, on Friday November 16 and a community clean-up morning at Brentwood Forest's Tucker Family Park on Saturday November 17.

AVID Queensland General Manager, Bruce Harper said the Brentwood Forest team was eager to expand its environmental legacy by encouraging the reduction of plastic pollution in the environment.

"We are committed to sustainability here at AVID and are excited to join Take 3 in its mission to create a cleaner marine environment for future generations,” Mr Harper said.

"AVID is very pleased to be supporting the Take 3 movement and extending our commitment to supporting not only our community here at Brentwood Forest but across all of AVID's residential communities along the eastern seaboard.

"Queensland is home to some of Australia's most beautiful parks and bushlands, and to protect these local icons from the devastating reality of plastic pollution, we are encouraging the Bellbird Park and Greater Springfield community to join us in taking three for the sea.

"The Take 3 message is so easy, everyone can make a difference - simply pick-up three pieces of rubbish as you leave the park, beach, waterway or anywhere and you've helped contribute to keeping our environment clean.”

Take 3 co-founder Tim Silverwood said the environment and its wildlife faced a devastating future, unless local communities took action.

"We are at a point in time where schools, businesses and the wider community need to all work together to protect the environment for our future,” Mr Silverwood said.

"Myself and the entire Take 3 team are thrilled to be partnering with a company that is committed to sustainability and spreading the message of reducing plastic pollution in our communities.”

  • Take 3 is a not-for-profit organisation that encourages Australian's to take three items of rubbish with them when they leave a public place to prevent harmful waste from making its way into our oceans, affecting marine life.
  • For more information on AVID Property Group's Take 3 events, visit www.avid.com.au/take3forthesea/.