BAD NOTES: Rochelle Oxenbridge, 32, used $700 in counterfeit money to pay for groceries.
BAD NOTES: Rochelle Oxenbridge, 32, used $700 in counterfeit money to pay for groceries. Ross Irby

'Take responsibility': Mum in court for using fake money

A MUM of five has escaped jail time by a hair-breadth after using $700 in counterfeit money to buy groceries.

An Ipswich court heard the woman claimed her boyfriend made the dodgy notes.

It was not the first time Rochelle Oxenbridge had been convicted of using counterfeit money.

Ipswich Magistrate Virginia Sturgess slammed Oxenbridge's repeat offending, labelling her "a very dishonest person".

Oxenbridge, 32, from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to uttering counterfeit money at Coles supermarket in the Riverlink complex at North Ipswich on March 8.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough told the court Oxenbridge was a single mum with five children to three different fathers; one of the men having died and two now in jail.

He said she co-operated with police, telling them where the counterfeit notes came from.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said it seemed Oxenbridge was blaming it on being "everyone else's fault but yours".

Ms Sturgess said Oxenbridge apparently had a partner who was making the counterfeit money but what she told the court "sounds lame" as it was not the first time she had been involved with counterfeit money.

She said Oxenbridge was convicted of a counterfeit offence in 2015.

"I counted 32 previous convictions for offences of dishonesty (on her criminal record) which tells me something about you, Ms Oxenbridge," Ms Sturgess told her.

Oxenbridge had breached a suspended six-month jail sentence.

"It is clearly an offence of dishonesty. No one to blame but yourself," she said.

"You need to stop making excuses, and take responsibility for what you did."

Ms Sturgess instead convicted and placed her on a $200 good behaviour bond for two years, saying she had some doubt as to whether Oxenbridge would manage that.

On the previous matters in June 2018 where she received a six month jail term she was given immediate parole, with an additional six month jail term to hang over her head for the next two years.

She was ordered to pay Coles $700 restitution.