Take delight in June rose

MY only wish at this time, gardening friends, is for that rather cold SW wind to ease off. When the wind drops, old JF normally brings in a clear, sunny, still day, so yours truly is hoping JF gets cracking before long.

As previously mentioned in my column, this year seems to be flying by. We are now entering the middle month of the year, so it is again time to introduce the Rose of the Month feature.

The rose for June is Double Delight, one which a garden friend says is her favourite. Read on and form your own opinion.

This rose was introduced into the world of roses in 1977. It is a hybrid tea rose, developed from a freelance partnership of American rose breeders, Herbert C Swim and Oliver L Weeks.

These two virtually dominated American rose breeding from 1950-1960 and three you make know of, Master Lincoln, Pink Parfait and Royal Highness, were developed by these two breeders.

The blooms, which develop from longish, pointed buds are not especially large but are well shaped with a high centre and are very fragrant.

The flower period is from spring to autumn and the petals are of an ivory colour at the centre and when exposed to the sun, the outer edges turn to a crimson colouring during the repeat flowering.

Double Delight has a parentage of Granada X Garden Party, and has been awarded with the Baden-Baden Gold Medal in 1976; the Roman Gold Medal in 1976; the All-American Rose Selection in 1977; the Belfast Fragrance Prize in 1980; the James Alexander Gamble Rose Fragrance Medal in 1986 and, in that same year was voted Best in the World by the World Rose Convention.

All in all, readers, quite an impressive award listing, so if interested in obtaining a specimen, best of luck in your search.

Now to a gentle reminder, in 10 more days, the WHS Garden Extravaganza will start.

If more information is needed, call secretary Margot Cory on 4661 1414, or president Graham Gillam on 4661 3156.

To gardening friend Barbara now, to continue answering queries about the Camellia which was started in last week's column.

Barbara, methinks you would be amazed if you could discover just how many cultivars have been developed from the species so far discovered.

The numbers for this will range into thousand upon thousands and there are new species still being discovered, so further numbers of cultivars will be developed.

Will be in touch with you shortly, 'cos a descriptive list of species and cultivars will be far too large for this column, and abbreviation of information will not do the plant justice.

Old Lacka Space is really putting on a stop act now, so one has to quit.

Here's an ender quote from Dale Carnegie, a bit of logic here: "Any fool can criticise, condemn and complain - and most fools do".

'Til next week, happy gardening.

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