Rail Back on Track's Robert Dow.
Rail Back on Track's Robert Dow. Inga Williams IR140314TRANSLINK3

Your time to take a ride on Ipswich's 'delightful' new route

A "DELIGHTFUL" new bus service has filled the missing public transport link through Ipswich's eastern suburbs.

The long-awaited 531 Translink bus started service on Tuesday; linking Springfield to Ripley and Yamanto.

Transport advocate and Rail Back on Track group spokesman Robert Dow was among the first, and most eager, to travel on the new run.

"It's a lovely run," he said.

Mr Dow has long been critical of the lack of planning for future public transport needs across the growing city.

As he sat on Translink's new Volvo bus, the advocate struggled to find a fault.

"It's a delightful bus route," he said.

"It opens up a growing residential area and I think the bus service is very timely.

"I'd be clutching at straws to be critical."

The 531 route features seven stops and starts from Springfield about 5.30am and terminating at Yamanto about 10pm.

Mr Dow hoped residents would take advantage of the new service and believed its frequency would soon increase.

"Translink has done some really good planning," he said.

"The signage was good, all the stops had special billboards out and on the bus there was a Translink representative.

"Overall it was pretty good."

Mr Dow said the only negative was drivers at Ripley Town Centre parking in the bus stops.

Economic Development Queensland is contributing $6.6million towards the early provision of public transport services in the growing development area.

The cash will come from municipal infrastructure charges levied on developers.

"This is a greenfield project that recognises the importance of delivering effective and efficient solutions to meet the emerging public transport needs of Ripley Valley residents," Minister for Planning Cameron Dick said.