Taco 'bout tasty: Mexican restaurant coming to Ipswich

SICK of travelling to Annerley or bayside to get your fix? Never fear - Ipswich City Council has approved the plans for the city's first Taco Bell.

The development would mean the end for Sizzler in Ipswich, with the iconic East Ipswich venue to make way for the new restaurant.

The new construction consists of a single storey building facing Brisbane Rd with a drive-through facility sleeved behind the building.

The Taco Bell will be 250sq m plus a 58 sq m outdoor dining area.

The drive-through will allow for queuing for 12 vehicles, with up to 10 employees expected to be on site at any one time.


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Taco Bell is coming!

It will be Collins Restaurants' first Taco Bell in Ipswich and follows an announcement last year by the company that is would roll out "more than 50 new locations across three states over the next three years".

Approval has been given for the Taco Bell to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with conditions set to ensure no negative impact on nearby properties.

This includes a 2m high acoustic fence along the northern property boundary.

While the new restaurant will face Brisbane Rd, access to the site will continue to be by nearby side streets Tongue and Barrett.

The closure of Sizzler will mark the end of an era for Ipswich, with the restaurant having operated at East Ipswich since 1987.

It was among the first stores to open after the California-born restaurant came to Australia in 1985.

Collins Restaurants is yet to reveal when it expects to begin construction on the new Taco Bell.