HOT STUFF: Sydney's Hotshots are coming to the Lockyer Valley next month.
HOT STUFF: Sydney's Hotshots are coming to the Lockyer Valley next month. Glen Morgan

Sydney Hotshots set to sizzle at Porters Plainland Hotel

THE SYDNEY Hotshots are heading to the Lockyer Valley for a show of sizzling entertainment next month.

Performer Paul Reynolds said the show had everything, including comedy, dance and romance.

"You can expect a whole two hours' worth of good, fun entertainment from all our blokes, without their shirts on," he said.

"The costumes are police, fireman, SWAT, cowboys, uptown funk. We have music that covers all genres, for girls right through from 18 to grandmothers, if you like.

"To open the show we have a group routine. All the guys are dressed in black suits and fedora hats and they do a routine similar to the film clip Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and then they get their shirts off and do another section of the Magic Mike movie, Pony, where they bring the girls up and they lap dance them, that's the opening of the show."

Mr Reynolds said there was no shortage of audience interaction.

"We've got games and giveaways, we've got the guys taking the girls up to do the limbo, we've got the guys giving them lap dances, we've got the guys serenading them, we bring the girls up on stage," he said.

"They love it, they love being part of the show."

Mr Reynolds said each performer trains extremely hard to be good at what they do.

"You've got to have the right personality, you've got to relate to women really well," Mr Reynolds said.

The men will be performing at Porters Plainland Hotel on Friday, November 22. Tickets are available through Eventbrite.