Gamer Luke James Munday playing Fortnite in the video that allegedly includes him hitting his partner.
Gamer Luke James Munday playing Fortnite in the video that allegedly includes him hitting his partner.

Online gamer’s eight-hour a day habit

WARNING: Distressing content.

The Sydney gamer arrested by police on Sunday night for allegedly assaulting his pregnant partner while their two young children screamed and cried was once lauded for his tech skills - skills that landed him a top job at Telstra.

Luke Munday, 26, was arrested just before midnight on Sunday, around three hours after he could be heard on his livestream allegedly getting into a violent fight with his 21-year-old pregnant partner. He has since been charged with common assault and will face court on Thursday.

In the video stream, Mr Munday, also known by his Twitch streaming name MrDeadMoth, can be heard screaming at his partner to "f**k off" and telling her he will be "out soon" after playing popular online game Fortnite for hours.

As she approaches him at his computer, the 26-year-old streamer can be heard telling her to go away.

"Can you not? I said I'll be out soon," he says.

"No computer, I'm sick of this sh*t," the woman responds.

The gamer is then seen stepping away from his camera - leaving the livestream to keep recording - before a noise that sounds like a slap rings out.

His partner can be heard crying off camera as he says, "How many times do I have to tell you? I said I'd be out soon."

In 2016, Northern Sydney TAFE released an article about Mr Munday and his participation in the Cisco Networking Academy Net-Riders Competition as Australia's top ranking IT networking expert.


Luke Munday was profiled by Cisco last year.
Luke Munday was profiled by Cisco last year.


Mr Munday was profiled by Cisco in November last year, telling the tech company he was raised by a single mum and that "family security is vital to (me)".

"When my partner fell pregnant with our first child, a lot changes and your responsibilities go through the roof," he said.

"I kind of had that philosophy I wouldn't let that happen to my own kids."

The mother of Mr Munday's partner said he spends up to eight hours a day on Twitch, a video streaming platform where gamers can make money.

As well as earning money from Twitch streaming and playing Fortnite, Mr Munday was also working at Telstra as a network engineer, a job he was offered after placing sixth at the 2016 Cisco competition.

Telstra general manager of media Steve Carey confirmed Mr Munday had been suspended by the company immediately after his arrest.

"We have suspended Luke's employment pending a full investigation and will co-operate with any police investigation," Mr Carey said in a statement

"Domestic violence has no place in our community. It is totally unacceptable and needs to be eradicated."

Mr Munday will front Camden Local Court on Thursday charged with common assault. He was granted conditional bail. An AVO application has also been made.

"While the woman was not seriously injured she was distressed and shaken by the incident.

An apprehended violence order has been served," NSW Police said.

Snippets from Mr Munday's livestream went viral on social media yesterday after viewers witnessed the altercation.

In the video, the couple can be heard arguing with Mr Munday swearing at his 21-year-old partner before she bursts into tears off-camera.

Mr Munday with his two children.
Mr Munday with his two children.

Later in the video, MrDeadMoth leaves his computer again as the couple's children can be heard screaming and crying "Daddy" in the background while his wife sobs off-camera.

Police later confirmed two girls aged three and 20 months were home at the time of the livestream.

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