GREAT FINISH: The Swifts Reserve Grade hockey team unite to enjoy their latest grand final success.
GREAT FINISH: The Swifts Reserve Grade hockey team unite to enjoy their latest grand final success. Rob Williams

Swifts savour twin success

AFTER raising the premiership trophy, Swifts Reserve Grade co-captain Cheryl Goodwin had an additional reason to savour the post grand final party.

As well as sharing the experience with her immediate teammates, Goodwin was keen to join the club's R2 women's players who earlier ignited a winning double for Swifts.

"Both teams were the underdogs going in so we're going to really celebrate,'' Goodwin said after her team's 5-2 victory over Wests at the Ipswich Hockey Complex.

The R2 women had to survive a tough challenge against minor premiers Collegians to win their grand final 2-1.

Goodwin was thrilled she received the opportunity to join with co-captain Brooke Norton and player/coach Kirsty Leneghan this season to lead the Reserve Grade side.

She enjoyed the rivalry with the Magpies.

"It's been a win-loss season with Wests and it just matters on the day who actually comes out in front,'' she said.

"We kind of went out there thinking that if we just keep positive when we were tired that it will actually pay off and I think it did it today.

"The core is about the same (as previous years) but we've had a couple of great additions to the team this year that are new to the area.''

Goodwin has been with Swifts for "quite some time'' after playing for Bellbowrie "many years ago''.

"It's been really good. It's been a great year,'' she said.

Premiership winning Swifts reserves co-captains Brooke Norton and Cheryl Goodwin.
Premiership winning Swifts Reserve Grade co-captains Brooke Norton (left) and Cheryl Goodwin. Rob Williams

Swifts' striker Courtney Beasley scored two goals and was named player of the final.

"She really stepped up today . . . and it was by far her best game this year and she really brought it out,'' Goodwin said.

"She had really good touches all game and actually made such a difference to us.''

Goodwin also scored a goal with Tayla Floyd contributing a double.

"It took us a while to find our feet,'' she said. "We were defending premiers going into this season.

"We met Wests last year in the grand final so I guess we had something to prove that our team had changed a lot with the new additions so it was a matter of keeping everything strong.

"We had a nightmare first round so we had to build up from there and actually make sure that we stepped things up.

"We knew Wests have got some great team players and we went out there today making sure that we passed the ball around and used everyone up and that's what we did today.''

Honour board

A Grade men: Hancock Brothers 6 (Adam McClelland 3, Nathan Smith 2, Hayden Michel) def Wests 4 (Greg Walker 2, Todd Watson 2).

Player of the final: Nathan Smith (Hancocks).

A Grade women: Wests 8 (Amy Kickbusch 3, Jess Wilkinson 2, Eden Jackat, Amy Nicholls, Gabby Nicholls) def Hancocks 1 (Aimee McDermott).

Player of the final: Jess Wilkinson (Wests).

Reserve Grade men: Wests 3 (Brent Nicholls 2, Aaron Gotting) def Hancock Brothers 2 (Blake Douglas, Brent Kinnane).

Player of the final: Damien Goodwin (Wests).

Reserve Grade women: Swifts 5 (Courtney Beasley 2, Tayla Floyd 2, Cheryl Goodwin) def Wests 2 (Tamika Iszlaub, Chloe Axelby).

Player of the final: Courtney Beasley (Swifts).

R2 women: Swifts 2 (Aimee Geeves, Nicole Vanderbrink) def Collegians 1 (Cherie Backen).

Player of the final: Nicole Vanderbrink (Swifts).

A2 men: Norths White 2 (Aaron Woods, Rob Lewis) def Norths Red 0.

Player of the final: Wayne Collins (Norths White).

A2 women: Bellbowrie 2 (Alexandria Bellingham 2) def Thistles 0.

Player of the final: Victoria Heffernan (Bellbowrie).