The attack in March was recorded on video.
The attack in March was recorded on video. Lachlan Mcivor

'Swept under the rug': mum rues lack of justice after attack

THE mum of a teenage boy brutally bashed by a pack of school kids earlier this year is fed up with a lack of action from police more than two months after the attack.

Karen Sharrad's 16-year-old son was set upon by a group in school uniforms in a park in March and the brutal attack was caught on camera.

The teenager had his head stomped on as he fell to the ground under a series of blows and the swelling on his face was so bad, doctors could not properly assess him for broken bones during an initial visit.


Ms Sharrad said she believed all but one of the boys involved in the assault were expelled from the school but police have yet to take any action, despite their faces being clear in the video and their names handed over.

It is understood police are still investigating the attack but at this stage no one has been charged in relation to the crime, despite having a 'fair idea' of who the offenders are.

Ms Sharrad said one of the boys responsible came to her son's workplace to threaten him this week.

"Every time I try and call (the police) they avoid me essentially," she said.

"I'm just getting the ring around with them.

"I don't have patience. I'm getting really, really pissed off.

"They don't seem to want to do anything. It's been swept under the rug."

A Department of Education spokesperson said the department would not comment on what disciplinary action was taken in the aftermath of the incident.

"The school is committed to providing safe, respectful and disciplined learning environments for all members of the school community," they said.

The alleged assault occurred on March 1 at McQueen Park in Flinders View.

Three girls put themselves in harm's way to shield Ms Sharrad's son from kicks and punches as he lay on the ground.