UPDATE 3.30PM: LAW enforcement has left the scene of a Sarina home where officers allegedly uncovered a small drug operation. 

A spokesperson from Queensland Police said officers attended the Malin Road and Bruce Highway property to execute a return to prison warrant when they located a "drug lab" at the home. 

Initial reports suggested the set up was a meth lab. 

Fire crews arrived on scene after noon. 

A spokesman for the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service said fire crews entered the property and found a frying pan filled with unidentified "soil" on top of stove.

The QFES spokesman said responding officers reported a strong smell of chemicals and turned off the stove. 

Police escorted two people from the scene - it is understood at least one of them will face Mackay Magistrates Court on drug charges. 

Emergency Services left the Sarina property shortly after 3pm.  

UPDATE 1.55PM: FIRE fighters wearing special breathing apparatus have entered a Sarina home where a suspected drug lab has been uncovered. 

A Daily Mercury reporter at the scene said police crews initially arrived at the home at 12.10pm and when they went inside, they found a frying pan on a stove, with a strong smell of chemicals. 

After turning the frying pan off, the crews reportedly waited for more emergency services to arrive. 

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services are working to make the scene safe. 

A man has arrived at the home and removed a dog from the house. 

A major crimes crew has also arrived on scene. 

More to come. 

Police find drug lab in Sarina :
Police find drug lab in Sarina :

UPDATE 1.50PM: POLICE had attended a Sarina home searching for someone on a 'return to prison' warrant when they uncovered a suspected drug lab. 

A pot with a substance inside was discovered on a stove top at the home when police arrived. 

More fire crews have started to arrive on scene. 

UPDATE 1.45PM: POLICE have swarmed on a Sarina property after a suspected drug lab was uncovered at the site.

A Daily Mercury reporter at the scene said two people had been arrested and taken away in police custody. 

INITIAL: MACKAY police and fire crews are investigating reports of a suspected drug lab.

Police went to a Sarina home this morning to speak to a man in relation to another matter.

While at the Malin Road address, an unusual odour led police to believe a drug lab may have been present at the property.

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokesperson confirmed firefighters were called to assist with the police matter.

Firefighters are currently at the home conducting safety tests.

Once the property is declared safe, police will then enter to continue investigations.