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Surprise rap fan: Patrick Stewart

SIR Patrick Stewart sings along to rap music

The British actor is an unlikely fan of the genre, but claims he started listening to it as "research" for his new TV show 'Blunt Talk'.

Asked what he is listening to at the moment, he said: "I have been listening to a lot of rap, because I had to sing in the show.

"I've just finished a new television series; there was one point where I had to sing along with a rap song, so I was trying to learn some of the techniques. That was research."

Away from his research, the 75-year-old star is a big fan of Paul Simon and Randy Newman - but also loves listening to his wife Sunny Ozell sing.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I listen to Paul Simon and Randy Newman, they are my two significant music heroes. I've known Randy a little, and I have been listening to him since the seventies.

"I listen a great deal to Sunny.

"To hear Sunny sing one of Randy's songs is especially thrilling. I've experienced a special type of pleasure."