Surprise next target for climate activists

AS well as swarming the Brisbane CBD this week in more protests, Extinction Rebellion activists have another target in their sights. And it's not who you would expect.

As well as swarming the Brisbane CBD this week in more protest chaos for the city, the activists are planning to target the green-leaning Byron Shire Council.

The 'rebels' have called a protest for this Friday morning at the council's Mullumbimby headquarters.

"We are holding the council accountable for not standing by the climate emergency they announced in October last year and for not following the Charter of human rights and responsibilities that was taken on board at 28th of March this year," the Extinction Rebellion SEQ announced on Facebook.

"Asking them to put a halt to the Byron bypass, bulldozing wetlands & stop the fish kills that continue to occur! We have the right to a liveable future!

"It's time to hit the street crew! We need action and we need it now!"

The Byron Council is led by Greens Mayor Simon Richardson and three of his councillors are also members of the Greens.

The Extinction Rebellion has vowed to swarm the Brisbane CBD on Thursday and 'stop traffic'.

It follows recent anti-Adani mine protests including one last Friday night which caused peak hour chaos.

An even bigger, all-day protest is planned for the CBD on August 6.

Activists are taking part in all-day training sessions for the mass 'day of disruption' and arming themselves with superglue to glue themselves to roads and bridges.

Queensland Resources Council boss Ian Macfarlane has blasted the protesters as 'anarchists' and warned people could be killed if roads or rail lines are blocked.

The Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry has warned next month's protest will cost at least $3 million in lost productivity.