Bodyboarder's death-defying run in giant barrel

FORMER Sunshine Coast bodyboarder Michael Novy has had an incredible death-defying run on a giant wave in Western Australia.

Surfing the giant surf break, the Right, Novy caught a monster the website said could have left him "with severe injuries or worse".

Describing the barrel Novy surfed as "so big you could fit a small housing complex inside", Riptide Magazine said the run may have been "one of the biggest barrel rides" at the West Australian break, The Right.

"I was sitting in the deep water when Damo (Damien Martin) started towing me and I hadn't even seen the swell lump coming in," Novy, who these days lives on the NSW Central Coast, was quoted saying by Riptide Magazine on

"As the ski pulled away pulled away I looked and realised how far across I was and I thought, 'there is no way I am going to make this!' "I actually looked to see if I could straighten out and avoid it, but it was too late by that stage, I was already locked in."

The resulting wave, caught on film by James Strickland, became one of two top 10 entries in the Nomad Bodyboards Big Wave Awards.