My Comment column with QT journalist Kieran Banks
My Comment column with QT journalist Kieran Banks Rob Williams

Surely we can move beyond racism now

UPON hearing of the vicious, racially motivated attack on two staff from one of Ipswich's leading restaurants, I was very disappointed.

Firstly, we each want to feel safe coming and going from our workplaces.

Secondly, in 2014 no one should be targeted because of cultural background, especially in a country built off the back of immigrants more than 200 years ago.

As the CBD has looked to return to its former glory, the Indian Mehfil restaurant has become a shining light in the Top of Town, renowned for its quality of food.

It even attracted the likes of Indian cricket legends Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni out to the city during their last tour to relive their tasty cuisine which they enjoyed so much in a previous visit to Brisbane.

In the past two years Ipswich City Council has taken large steps to rebuild and rebrand the CBD and shake off two decades of a stereotype which had dogged the mall for the past two decades.

With the NBN switch-on this week and the successful move of public servants to the Icon Ipswich development, there are high hopes for regeneration.

But attacks like the one endured by Indian Mehfil's two staff members this weekend, and the others over the past year, will only serve to keep the stereotype alive among residents of south-east Queensland.

The Ipswich police and council are doing everything they can to keep residents safe.

And fortunately the alleged culprits have been charged.

As a society we need to say enough is enough and stamp out racism for good.