Is a superhero Kristen Stewart on the way?

KRISTEN Stewart wants to play a superhero.

The 25-year-old actress - who shot to fame in vampire movie franchise 'The Twilight Saga' - has revealed she would be interested in taking on the role of a superhero in a huge blockbuster if she could find one that is "interesting and worthwhile".

She told E! News: "They're not too common. Trust me, I would love to find a big doozy of a movie that's interesting and worthwhile."

When asked, "Like playing a superhero?", she replied: "Maybe. Go print that--I can't wait to play a superhero."

And Kristen also has her sights set on directing a movie.

She explained: "Hopefully as soon as humanly possible. I really want to. I have to find the right thing. I started working when I was nine. I love this industry. I love what movies can do so I'll find my story."

Meanwhile, Kristen has starred in both blockbuster movies and indies and insisted she doesn't have a preference.

She said: "I'm not totally biased. I really like making the small ones and I like making the big ones. It's just when you get the right people together who really care about something, who are not solely interested in getting just love and attention and money and stuff and it's really for the love of the meditation on a subject and getting into something and baring your soul."