Super Street winner typifies commitment to local events

WHAT a great time was enjoyed last weekend, with more than 100 racers lining up at the Willowbank Raceway quarter-mile in the penultimate round of the Queensland Drag Racing Championships.

A big shout out in particular to Ipswich competitor Andrew Stathis for winning the Super Street class in his VL Calais.

It was great to see a good line-up of Ipswich racers on Saturday as it always gives me someone to cheer for.

On Sunday, I made it out to the Spring Drift Matsuri at Queensland Raceway.

There was 250 budding sideways artists at Matsuri and there was action aplenty with three different areas of drifting happening at once.

Whilst most in attendance were amateur enthusiasts, I enjoyed seeing the skill of the Japanese D1GP star Tsuyoshi Tezuka as he jumped in different cars throughout the day.

This weekend, I will head to Queensland Raceway to catch the Ipswich Classic.

The Classic will feature more than 150 cars across nine different categories racing with my favourites - the Trans Ams - lining up.

I love seeing the Mustangs, Chevs, Pontiacs, and even a Plymouth or two lining up together and going door handle to door handle.

Production Sports have an endurance race with Geoff Fontaine in his Dodge Viper one of the favourites against the Ginettas of John Prefotaine and Darren Berry.

There is also a hoard of MX5s in the mix to keep them honest.

I also love the Queensland Touring Car Championship with its mix of BMWs, Holden Commodores and Toranas.

It's the QTCC final round. While it looks like 2015 will go to Brett Kennedy over 2014 winner Karl Begg, the old saying in motorsport that anything can and usually does happen means we will wait until Sunday night to see who is champion. It will be well worth the admission fee of $30 on Sunday for some quality racing.

On Saturday I am also planning to venture out to Willowbank Raceway for the popular test and tune day.

It's a great day to get down and talk to the drivers and see who is doing what before the final round of the Queensland Drag Racing Championships on November 21.

On Saturday night I will pop in to the dirt kart club's test and tune. I will be keeping a keen eye on some of the young guys and girls and the progress they are making before their next race on November 7.

It was great to see Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale say that the council is fully behind the Fuchs Winternationals after the Queensland Government took away the June long weekend.

The Winternationals will still run in June and the council will get behind the event to help get people along as it will definitely be a bigger challenge for people that travel from regional Queensland to make the event.

The event has run on the long weekend in June for nearly five decades. It gives us enthusiasts a taste of the best of the best in drag racing but also provides a huge boost for the Ipswich economy. We truly are lucky to live in a local community that supports its motorsport.

Key events

  • Tomorrow and Sunday: Ipswich Classic, Queensland Raceway
  • Tomorrow: Test & Tune, Willowbank Raceway
  • Tomorrow: Test & Tune, Ipswich City Dirt Kart Club
  • Next Saturday: QR Moto Ride day, Queensland Raceway
  • Next Saturday: Test & Tune, Willowbank Raceway
  • Next Sunday: Ipswich Open Sprints, Queensland Raceway