New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady talks to the media.
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady talks to the media. Charlie Riedel

Super Bowl - a "must-win” game?

EVERYONE'S had one of those moments.

You know the ones we're talking about.

When the person next to you says something so stupid, so ridiculous, so far from left field they've actually left the field and are catching a bus from outside the carpark.

There are no words to describe what you've just heard.

You just turn your head, slowly, and look at them with disdain in your eyes until you've shamed them sufficiently into changing their name, grabbing a fake passport and fleeing to the Faroe Islands to ensure nobody can ever find them and mock their hideous faux pas again.

Well, some people thought they had witnessed one of those very moments at the Super Bowl media day on Wednesday (AEST).

As the Atlanta Falcons prepare to play the New England Patriots in the biggest game of the season on Monday, reporters flocked like seagulls to a hot chip to an official media day in the hope of getting at least one NFL star to say something headline-worthy enough to fill up the news cycle between now and the game.

But forget the questions about tactics, lost game plans and Pats quarterback Tom Brady's relationship with Donald Trump, because there was one query that was worthy of a headline in itself.

Indy Star Sports columnist Zak Keefer reported one member of the hungry media pack asked a Falcon: "Is this a must win (game on) Sunday?"

So we're all on the same page, the Super Bowl is the final game of the season - the NFL equivalent to an NRL or AFL grand final. The winner will be showered in glory and sports drink tipped from a giant esky, the loser left crippled and demoralised.

So yeah, it's a must-win game.

Predictably, Zeeker's tweet was met with a barrage of replies, mocking the reporter in question for the act of air-headedness.

However, before you start to jump all over the reporter - whose identity wasn't revealed - perhaps he (or she) is the one who should be laughing loudest.

There was a suggestion NFL writer Dave Dameshek was the man responsible for the laughable question, because he's got form in the department.

And then, in an even bigger tip-off the question may have been part of Dameshek's funnyman routine at a time when no question is too bizarre, there's his performance at last year's media day ahead of Super Bowl 50 between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos.

"People want to hear the classics and this is as classic as Dave Dameshek gets, so the question is, 'Is the Super Bowl a must-win game?'," Dameshek posed.

He then went around and asked several players that very question.

But if Dameshek wasn't the culprit, it's highly likely someone may have been inspired by him, after he claimed he was the first reporter to pose the query at an NFL media day.

So, either Dameshek was up to his old tricks again this year or someone was doing their best impersonation of him.

Does that in fact mean Zak Keefer - and any others who fell for Dameshek's stunt - should turn from the ridiculer(s) into the ridiculee(s)?

Far be it for us to judge, but if it was in fact Dameshek who had everyone fooled, perhaps Keefer should offer to buy him a beer after full-time on Monday.