Suburban gym so popular no-one else can join

LESS than two years after opening the Terry Mackenroth Community Gym at Carina's Clem Jones Centre, membership will close after huge demand for the facility.

With 20 sports clubs including the Brisbane Bullets based at the Clem Jones Centre, the centre built the $5.5 million gym to cater for public members, leaving the old gym exclusively for clubs.

The closure of membership is believed to be the first time a fitness industry facility in Brisbane has closed membership due to the popularity of its facilities.

The Terry Mackenroth Community Gymnasium opened in May 2018.

Clem Jones Centre CEO Steve Heald said the success of the facility had seen membership grow to in excess of 2500 members.

Mr Heald said the Clem Jones Centre would close membership and establish a waiting list for new members.

New memberships would only be accepted when an existing member did not renew their membership.

The closure of membership will take effect on February 3.

"The decision has been made out of respect for our existing members so they can safely, comfortably and efficiently use all of our facilities without feeling like they have to wait for equipment to become available or our group fitness classes are uncomfortably over crowded," he said.

The Centre hosts some 80 group fitness classes each week.

"While the growth in membership is a tribute to the quality of the facility, it brings with it a whole range of other considerations including ensuring we have sufficient parking and the facilities and equipment are well maintained," Mr Heald said.

Gym and Group Fitness Manager Giselle Larsen said the decision was all about customer satisfaction and not just about the money.

"As a not for profit community organisation the revenue from new memberships is important but not as important as the Centre fulfilling our charter to provide members of our community with the ability to comfortably enjoy all of our facilities and improve their overall health and fitness," she said.