'Stupid, life-threatening': unlicensed driver flips car

A MAN already serving a lengthy sentence behind bars smirked as he appeared in an Ipswich court dock to be sentenced for fresh charges.

Calan James Dirk Ganter-Gorski, 26, of Meringandan West was driving home late on June 23, without a drivers licence - having never held one.

At 11.20pm, Gatton police attended a single-vehicle crash on the Warrego Highway at Hatton Vale, observing a car with extensive damage on the westbound side of the highway that was facing eastbound.

The driver was identified as Ganter-Gorski, who told police he had been driving home to Toowoomba from Brisbane.

He had been driving behind a truck and drifted onto the median strip. He over-corrected and lost control of the car skidding across both lanes of the highway and flipping several times to land on the side of the road.

Ganter-Gorski admitted he was inexperienced behind the wheel and shouldn't have been driving.

He pleaded guilty to two charges in Ipswich Magistrates Court, including failing to have proper control of a vehicle and driving without ever holding a licence.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess told Ganter-Gorski it was a "stupid" thing to have done and getting to work was no excuse for getting behind the wheel.

"Someone could have been killed," Ms Sturgess said.

The court heard Ganter-Gorski was already serving a lengthy sentence with a full time discharge date in March 2021 and his parole had been cancelled.

He was fined $700.