Studio 188 reveals magic of live shows

DISCOVERING the mess and magic that happens during the process of creating a live performance is no doubt a thrill.

Today, Studio188 and THAT Production Company invite people on an adventure behind the red curtain.

"Audiences will have the opportunity to meet the cast and creative crew behind THAT Production Company's production of Australian contemporary classic When the Rain Stops Falling," a spokesperson for Ipswich City Council said.

"Following the success of Ruined, Romeo + Juliet and The God of Carnage, THAT Production Company have a solid track record of producing great shows for Ipswich audiences.

"How a performance gets from the page to the stage is a fascinating creative and technical challenge, and this is your chance to take a look inside the machine.

"Rain, floods, fish, family and fractured time, when the Rain Stops Falling transports the audience across four generations and two continents.

"This play investigates mortality and family, shared experiences and inherited legacies, the strength of nature and the compassion of humanity.

"Dive into the process or get a small taste of what happens when creating a play, and meet some of the creatives behind this all new production as they share their insight and inspirations in the lead up to this new theatrical experience."

When the Rain Stops Falling will be presented as part of the Ipswich Festival from April 21 to 30.

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